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Top Scoring Bordeaux 2010 Could Be In Line For 60% Price Increase - 29th November 2012
By Tom Gearing (Director) - Cult Wines Ltd -

'Top Scoring Bordeaux 2010 could be in line for 60% price increase'

Ahead of the publication of Robert Parker’s in-bottle scores for the 2010 vintage in the upcoming issue (205) of ‘The Wine Advocate’, due to be mailed out at the end of February, we look at the runners and the riders that are in line to replicate some of the astonishing price appreciation we witnessed when the equally good 2009s were scored in March of this year.

‘In recent months, I have been fortunate enough to compare 2009 with 2010. I am convinced that the latter is the greater of the two vintages’
- Neal Martin


Much like the heralded 2009 ‘vintage of a lifetime’ (RPJ), 2010 Bordeaux produced another year of compelling wines that seem sure to go down in the annals of Bordeaux history. We can now seek to draw comparisons between these two vintages ahead of Parker’s re-scoring of the 2010s in Spring 2013. Our focus is on the 2010s that are emulating, and in some places even bettering the performance of the 2009s. It certainly mustn’t be forgotten that certain estates produced equally as good, if not better wines in 2010 than in 2009.


Top Scoring 2009 wines appreciated in value by 17% - 133%

Last Spring, a buying frenzy followed Parker’s release of his in-bottle scores for the 2009s, with the critic awarding 18 chateaux the perfect 100pts score. As a result, we saw some of the 2009s trading at double their price level for the previous day (see table above).

We have been assessing strategies ahead of the 2010 re-scoring, particularly focusing on a number of key estates that are likely, in our opinion, to score highly on their current in-barrel spread rating and therefore have the potential to replicate - if not exceed - the performance of the 2009s. At this stage, nine Chateaux have the potential to score a perfect 100pts from Parker with a number of estates poised to register some excellent ratings which collectively will drive huge demand for allocation.

Below is a list of the current best scored wines and those potentially in line for price increases:

With the lower capital wines having benefitted from the biggest price increases in March this year, it would seem sensible to focus on the lower valued wines in the list above for the best short term returns (marked with *). Furthermore, with a number of the potential 100 point wines already trading at near the price of their confirmed 100 pt counterparts a more long-term view will need to be taken for these. However, there is still a lot of potential with some careful selection.

Below are our top 4 recommendations:

Chateau Pontet Canet 2010 [96-100 pts] @ £1,275 per case (12)

Chateau Pichon Baron 2010 [97-99+ pts] @ £1,500 per case (12)

Chateau Saint Pierre 2010 [95-97+ pts] @ £600 per case (12)

Chateau Montrose 2010 [96-99+ pts] @ £1,400 per case (12)

If you would like to order any of the above, or require further investment notes please contact us by phone or email


‘the fact that 2010 follows the superb 2009 vintage is remarkable’- RPJ
‘unquestionably another great vintage’

‘having visited most Bordeaux properties on a regular basis and spoken to proprietors, there was virtual consensus that 2010 is the peak, with the exception is a couple of Pomerol estates’
- Neal Martin



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