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Robert Parker, Jr. is an American wine writer born on July 23rd-1947. He was a highly academic young man, graduating Maryland in 1973. For over 10 years he was a District Attorney but then turned to wine journalism in 1984.

Why did this happen?

It’s said that he was influenced by a trip to France in the 60’s with his girlfriend, now wife and that started a passion for wine. His instinctive nature for the writing and thought combined to start a poetic and factual love of wine that to this day has more influence than any other single person or company.

When did his career begin to take form?

The brainwave to start a factual guide to Fine Wine was in 1975, when Parker compared the information available and decided it was shoddy and sometimes irrelevant. What he needed was a guide to quality, a handbook for the truly great wines. This whole idea of course seemed like a pipe dream to friends and family, who dismissed the idea and suggested he immediately go back to the world of law. Thinking of this reminds me of something Einstein once said, which was that if an idea was never risky or crazy, then it wasn’t worth pursuing! How apt in this case.

His first creation was The Wine Advocate magazine in 1978. He initially had less than 600 people working in the industry to send this to and it started to talk and document in the way he had hoped, but obviously it was a long way off the long term goals that he has set.

Three decades later and the publication are sold in over 30 countries and to over 500,000 people. This one publication is thought to shift entire buying power in any one country simply by his grades, his words and the sheer power of the name Robert Parker JR.

Robert Parker is not just resigned to one publication, he writes for Food and Wine Magazine and also the highly respected ‘Business Week’. He has post at English magazine, ‘The field’, and French magazine, ‘L’Express’ – The first ever time a non-Frenchman has ever held the post! He has also been featured in magazines such from ‘TIME’ to ‘The Robb Report’.

Robert Parker Jr. has been given a number of prestigious awards. Presidential Honours from President Jacques Chirac & the late President Francois Mitterrand.

Italy’s national order of merit was bestowed by Prime Minister Berlusconi and President Ciampi. President Clinton has given public praise over choosing personal wines with Robert Parker Jr.

‘EROBERTPARKER.COM’ is the No.1 visited site for fine wine review and facts, figures and news. A comprehensive list of wines from all over the world and regular updates and incites. has been inspired from this site and hopes to bring new help to many avid investors and wine lovers.

Robert Parker Jr has written over 14 books, all of which are smash hits in many countries around the world. His most recent is titled, ‘The world’s greatest wine estates – A modern perspective’.

Most recently RPJ, University Of Maryland gave him ‘The Distinguished Alumnus Award 2006. In 2004, The Culinary Institute of America created a legacy endowment for wine education scholarships in the name of Robert Parker Jr.

Robert Parker has been the driving force and swift change in factual, creative and extensive knowledge that is available for the public and in doing so has created a new generation of wine lovers and drinkers. Investors should be aware that they are in debt to Robert Parker Jr for the systems and knowledge we have today in the world of fine wine investment!



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