Tom Gearing features in CITY AM ‘The runner-up who looks to be winning the long game’.

Posted by on May 28, 2013

An interview with Tom Gearing director of Cult Wines Ltd was a front-page feature in CITY AM this morning. The interview discusses the founding of Cult Wines ltd, how the company has gone from strength to strength since Tom came second on last years ‘Apprentice’ and the future direction of the company.

Annabel Palmer talks to Tom Gearing, the Apprentice heartthrob who is transforming the wine investment industry:

THE media storm that surrounded Tom Gearing, who charmed his way to second place in last year’s Apprentice, had started to quieten down. But with the new season now luring in viewers, fans of the show are starting to wonder: whatever happened to last year’s candidates? For Gearing, the answer is a 60 per cent increase in turnover for his company Cult Wines, a fine wine investment firm, and hundreds of new clients.

Gearing was raised with wine. By 11, he was travelling to Burgundy with his father and quaffing its finest vintages. Nonetheless, his plan had always been to work in financial markets. But like many others who graduated in 2009, he quickly realised that getting a job in finance would be almost impossible. Gearing was sitting on his hands. He could have obtained work experience, or done unpaid placements. His brother was working in wine at the time – handling a small number of clients who he managed privately. But Gearing had other plans. “I suggested setting up an office, taking on staff, building a rigid framework and drafting a business plan. I wanted to market these services to the public.”

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